The Dangers of Liberal Progressive Theology

In today’s climate of increasingly triggered “woke” millennials and wandering lost youth, it bears asking why is mainstream Christianity lurching steadily towards liberal progressivism? Why do so many churches accommodate and compromise for the LGBTQIA community and the rest of the alphabet soup folks as if the Bible deems their sexual deviancies and lifestyles acceptable? Is it because heretofore conservative values have resulted in the loss of their members and thereby loss of revenue? Or is it because church memberships tend to reflect the society around them and, as our society falls further and further into decay, this is represented in the compromises and watering down of Biblical principles by churches’ leadership?

These are difficult questions for which no easy answers readily present themselves. One might argue that just as academia and politics has been infiltrated by Leftist liberal progressives, why should the churches and religion itself be spared? The former flag-burning hippies and druggies of the 1960s rebel movement that spat upon returning Vietnam veterans have since become professors teaching social justice awareness at what used to be prestigious universities. These have become centers for indoctrination rather than centers of open exchange of ideas and cultivation of critical thought. Is it possible that these same emotionally stunted and sensually perverted rebels of the 1960s have also penetrated religious universities, spreading their drivel to unsuspecting youths and corrupting their minds? I would argue that this is the reality today, given the current state of most churches and denominations in America.

Turning our attention to only the most recent example of liberal progressive nonsense that pervades our institutions of religious learning, let’s first examine Union Theological Seminary. By reading their Mission and Vision statements it is abundantly clear that preaching Christ and his life of sacrifice and servitude to God’s glory as atonement for mankind’s sin is nowhere on their radar. Rather, social justice, the environment, modern science and ecumenism is their focus. This is an institution that cranks out theologians and reverends, devoid of any semblance of the faith in – and practice of – Bible based religion.

“Unfounded lies and accusations,” you cry. Very well, perhaps a demonstration is in order. Students at UTS are now confessing to plants. Yes, you read that right. Confession to Plants is now a thing. They proclaimed,

Today in chapel, we confessed to plants. Together, we held our grief, joy, regret, hope, guilt and sorrow in prayer; offering them to the beings who sustain us but whose gift we too often fail to honor.”

These poor souls are confessing to ferns and ficuses, who they believe are the beings that sustain them. This is what they’ve learned at the feet of their liberal progressive self-loathing professors, and no doubt this is what they’ll eventually preach to their flock if ever they have one.

“Well, but that’s just one,” you interject. Not so, for there are more of these liberal progressive hell houses that churn out false prophets and teachers. Take Vanderbilt Divinity School, for instance. It is another well-known, if small, religious seminary that has succumbed to the wisdom of man rather than the wisdom of God. As a result, they teach gay rights, feminism, environmental activism, and yet more ecumenism instead of previously held time-tested theological truths that had guided religious institutions of higher learning for hundreds of years prior. This can also be traced back to the social upheaval of the 1960s, as any student of history can attest, but it is rather telling that one of its more recent leaders, Joseph Hough, went on to become president at none other than Union Theological Seminary. Think of it in the context of how cancerous tumors spread, if it helps.

Now ask yourself, what can possibly go wrong in America’s churches when seminaries like these produce even a handful of preachers, reverends, or theologians that go on to influence unsuspecting people? Is it any wonder why surveys indicate that more and more Americans believe Darwinian evolution rather than the Bible’s account of Creation? And since we therefore throw out Creation, we might as well throw out the Flood, the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, all the prophets and their prophecies, most of the New Testament as written by the “heretic” known as Paul, and what are we left with? I submit there is nothing left of any value to explain our current condition, why it was necessary for Jesus Christ to come, live, die, be resurrected and ascend to be at the Father’s right hand as our representative, or what hope we can have for the future.

This is what we can expect if we are to re-interpret the Bible as some of these theologians advocate. Instead of the Bible becoming more relevant to our time and place as they promise, it loses all meaning and power and is no longer the double-edged sword of truth that divides man’s soul to the marrow.

We can debate translations and various versions all day long, the Hebrew and the Greek, the apocryphal books and the other writings that may have existed before the Bible. In the end, we are left with nothing substantial on which to base our faith as Christians, to say nothing of faith in the supernatural or miracles. The result is that religion itself becomes boring and useless. Why worship some deity that we read about in a book we can’t have faith or confidence in, or whose hand we can’t see leading us in hindsight to sustain our faith in the future?

And then the problem becomes what to replace Bible-based religion with. Tragically, more and more are turning to Scientism and relying completely on man’s reasoning abilities instead of humbling themselves before the Creator of the Universe to seek His wisdom. They reason that a just and loving God would not do the terrible things recorded in the Bible, that He has limited Himself to operate within the bounds of human understanding and is constrained by natural laws that are immovable. These are but time-proven steps that pave the way to atheism. Along the way they become convinced God is no longer involved or necessary, that life has gone on for ages and will continue to go on long after they’re gone, that no one is coming to save them and that they can save themselves through good deeds. Meanwhile they never quite explain the actual mechanism of salvation, but apparently when the Bible promises new heavens and a new Earth that the redeemed inherit to their eternal pleasure, this can’t possibly be objective reality given that everything the Bible says in connection to creation must be equally mythical.

And so, they wearily trod through the rest of this life, not in agreement with those who take the Bible at face value and yet not in agreement with the rest of the world which lives for selfish instant pleasures of the here and now. Everywhere they turn, they see adversaries to their new-found “truth” or they end up convincing others to distance themselves from what appears to be dangerous theology. They experience little fellowship and dwindling friendships, all because they ignore simple truths:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

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