Time and the Domino Effect*

Isn’t the idea that God created everything in six days just a poem or literary device? As long as we acknowledge God as Creator, who cares how or when He created? Furthermore, hasn’t radiometric dating proven the earth is billions of years old? These, and a host of other valid questions, arise when discussing what the Bible has to say about the age of the earth.

Leaving aside the fact that the majority of dating methods indicate the earth is young and not even considering the problematic assumptions of radiometric dating methods (which start by ignoring the reality of a worldwide flood) … let’s just consider the biblical implications of denying a recent creation.

 The first problem is one of consistency. Almost every Christian denomination faithfully points to the Bible as God’s divine revelation to man. Yet many church leaders are willing to accept almost any interpretation for the beginning of the Bible except for a straightforward reading. This inconsistency is quite apparent to the watching world.

The first chapter of Genesis describes the sequence in which God created the universe and various forms of life over a series of six “days.” The original Old Testament of the Bible was written in Hebrew, and the Hebrew word for day (YOM) can mean either a single day or a long period of time. But just because the word “day” used in Genesis can mean “a long period of time” does not mean that is how it was meant to be understood. Every time a number and/or the words “morning” or “evening” are used in the Bible in combination with the Hebrew word for “day” it means a normal twenty-four hour day. Furthermore, the only one of the Ten Commandments in which God tells us why the commandment was instituted – “[Keep the Sabbath day holy because]in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day” (Exodus 20:11) – emphasizes this creation of the universe in six earth days. If we expect the world to accept what the Bible has to say about salvation, while at the same time undermining what the Bible has to say about creation, how credible is our message?

But that is not the biggest problem. The biggest quandary is what to do with Adam and Eve. The book of Genesis lays out concept after concept as a foundation for understanding reality. These are accounts of actual history which stand like a row of dominos to be accepted or rejected by each person viewing the evidence:

  • The first domino is the recent creation of the universe.
  • The second domino is the creation of man, right at the beginning of time, with mankind meant to live forever in fellowship with his Creator. The Bible starts with the summary statement, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” and when Jesus was asked about the permanence of marriage, He responded, “Have you not read that in the beginning He made them male and female.” People have always been around.
  • The third domino is our rejection of God’s authority, which resulted in a just God bringing about death as a penalty for our rebellion. (God would later come as Jesus to take upon Himself the penalty of death which we deserve.) Not just mankind, but all of creation, was altered by our actions. This factual tragedy is known as “the Fall.”
  • The fourth domino is the nearly total depravity of mankind – resulting in God sending a world-covering flood as a timeless reminder of His hatred of sin and its effects. This event explains the fossils and geology of the current world.
  • The last domino is the revelation of moral truth which directly follows the acknowledgement that we have a Holy Creator who made the universe with moral laws which are as absolute as the physical laws which rule creation.

Now let’s look at what happens as we topple the first domino, while naively expecting it to have no effect on the other foundational dominos. Radiometric dating methods are used to date ancient human remains back fifty thousand years or more. (Some rock layers with obvious human remains have been dated at over one million years.) Thus, if you accept the methods used to date an ancient earth, you cannot remain logical and consistent unless you accept the same methods as proving that people have been on earth, living and dying, for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. If this is true, where do we fit Adam and Eve? A million years of human history has absolutely no biblical support and makes a mockery of biblical history. Adam and Eve become a myth … simply a spiritual concept. The second domino has fallen.

 If people have been living and dying over huge periods of time, then it is not our actions which brought about death; it is just the way God made things. Therefore, death cannot be the penalty for our sin and rebellion; God simply made things that way because He wanted to do so. God, in essence, becomes the author of death, rather than mankind being the cause of death. The third domino has fallen. If the flood never happened, God did not cause this event as a judgment in response to mankind’s sin. If the worldwide flood never happened, this event is not a viable explanation for how the earth’s sedimentary rock layers and fossils formed. The worldwide flood as a judgment of sin by God simply becomes a myth. God changes from being both a righteous Savior and a holy Judge to pretty much irrelevant. The fourth domino has fallen.

If we are logical, we now have a God who made everything via death and extinctions over billions of years->Therefore man’s actions then have nothing to do with death and disease (i.e. God either is powerless to stop disease and death or just doesn’t care enough to do anything about it) ->And we can’t really believe anything the Bible has to say about our origin, biology, geology, or human nature. Yet unbelievers are supposed to give their lives to this God and live by the rules of an allegedly inspired book … while this book cannot be believed from the beginning. Why not just make up our own rules of right and wrong and live according to our personal desires? This is exactly the situation today; the last domino has fallen.

What is so sad is that very few people connect the rise of relativism with the rejection of our recent creation (the first domino). But this is the unstoppable result of the denial of this foundational truth of Christianity.

* An excerpt from Censored Science, written by Bruce Malone. Available in low-resolution PDF form at http://www.searchforthetruth.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Censored-Science-sample.pdf

What Are You Thankful For?

What used to be a traditional question being asked this time of year has somehow become politically incorrect these days. Now if you give thanks for different things or life circumstances you can be accused of being privileged. When did it become wrong to be thankful? To celebrate the harvest season? To celebrate history? To eat turkey?!?

If you pay attention to social media at all you will surely have noticed at least several instances in which people who are paid to pretend to be someone else for a living take it upon themselves to tell everyone else how they should live, work, eat or vote. There are movie and TV stars living in mansions surrounded by high walls, security systems and armed bodyguards telling everyone else that what we really need is more gun control, meaning for the average law-abiding citizen to willingly give up his or her Second Amendment rights. Some even go so far as to encourage others who to vote for or against, as if their opinion carries weight simply because they’re famous. There are even those that threatened or promised to leave the country if their preferred candidate did not become President. Care to venture a guess as to how many actually followed through with their threats or promises? That’s right, zero.

And what can we say about sports athletes who “take a knee,” as they say, because they feel oppressed in this country or because they support those who might feel that way? They disrespect our nation’s flag, anthem, law enforcement officers, military, founding fathers, system of government and all that these stand for, simply because of a perceived injustice they have been duped and conditioned to believe. Being multimillionaires at others’ expense for playing a game and receiving lucrative commercial deals, they offend the very people who buy tickets to attend their games and who buy the merchandise they advertise on TV. They alienate their fans by making ill-advised political statements instead of just playing ball. The results this season in particular has been striking. The NFL is experiencing the lowest turnout in attendance and the lowest TV ratings for games watched. One might say they’ve been hit in the head one too many times because nothing else explains their behavior.

Along with the sports athletes (and mental midgets), we have the media who glorifies their behavior and succeeds in dispersing this toxic hate for America and its history. Social justice is their new lovechild, whenever they can break away from the 90% negative biased coverage of the current administration. They have promoted falsehoods such as the one about Cristopher Columbus enslaving all the islanders he came into contact with and that he was a sadist. Or that the first European settlers wiped out the Native American Indians and that Thanksgiving is more about celebrating genocide than harvest time.

These and other revisionist alternative history frauds are eroding the minds and hearts of the millennial generation who is more in tune with social media than with familiarity of real history. They get caught up in emotions and lack the fundamental education that would be a bulwark against such lies. Instead they willingly take up the guilt complex and get caught up in all kinds of “causes,” driven about as leaves blown by the wind. They aren’t thankful for anything and they end up hating those that are thankful, calling them privileged.

And so we have come full circle. In this day and age, mainstream and social media would have us believe that America is faulty ideal, a lie, a dark chapter of history dominated by genocide of natives and the oppression of slavery. They would have us believe that all injustice – perceived or otherwise – is the fault of those that work hard, stay out of trouble, get an education and are productive members of society. These, they call privileged. Those that hold themselves and others to a higher moral standard, they call bigots.

So what is there to be thankful for?

I’m thankful to live in a country that was founded on freedom and God-given individual liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. I’m thankful that our military is willing to lay their lives down in defense of that Constitution, ensuring our way of life. I’m thankful that my parents worked hard to put my sister and me through the best schools they could afford. I’m thankful that they taught us to reach higher, work hard and do our best. I’m thankful for my family, both near and far. I’m thankful for all of the learning opportunities I’ve had and continue to have. Some have been painful but highly valuable. I’m thankful for good health. I’m thankful to still have hair. I’m thankful for the education I pursued for myself and thankful for the employment opportunities I obtained. I’m thankful to have a loving wife and a four-legged furry Labrador child. I’m thankful for the roof over my head, the clothes on my back and the food I eat. I’m thankful for the festive holiday season and a few days off work. I’m even thankful we get snow.

In fact, if we stop to really think about it, there are so many things to be thankful for instead of taking for granted. No wonder, then, that it has long been a Thanksgiving tradition to take a moment around the table before eating and taking turns to say what we are thankful for.

What are you thankful for?